Automated printing of hazard labels in batch mode: PrBATCH Module

PrBATCH is a software solution aimed at chemical companies, which provides an automatic procedure for the creation and printing of the Hazard Labels in batch mode “on demand”.

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Technical specifications

  • Automate label printing as a result of an external request, e.g. from the ERP
  • Possibility to create custom layouts of labels according to your needs (e.g. Size, contents, languages, etc.)
  • Additional label elements defined by the user: ADR, IATA, IMDG, other elements of the hazard label
  • Possibility to manage the non-persistent elements, e.g. Batch, weight, expiry date, etc.
  • Ability to print labels in the language of interest.
  • Management and printing of barcodes: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN/JAN-13, EAN/JAN-8, CODE 39, EXTENDED 39, INT. 2 OF 5, CODE 128, CODABAR, MSI PLESSEY, CODE 93, EXTENDED 93, UCC-128
  • Management and printing of 2D barcodes: AZTEC, QR-CODE, DATA MATRIX, PDF417
  • Printing of images and other graphical elements, e.g. Logo.
  • Software for printing labels, designed for all Windows printers
  • Automatic function for the management of the absent CLP symbols
  • It prevents human errors: no information will be entered manually!

Regulatory specifications

  • It enables you to print labels in accordance with the CLP Regulation, the DSD and DPD directives, US and Chinese GHS and other international GHS labels.
  • Possibility to print labels in multiple languages, even in the same label, to meet the national obligations about language.

Product Description

The PrBATCH module is an automatic procedure for printing the Hazard Labels, previously designed with LabelDraw (See product page), in a batch mode “on demand”.
PrBATCH does the same operations as HazPRINT GHS/CLP (EuPRINT) but in an automated mode. In order to print labels, the user has only to decide the product to select from the ERP. Then PrBATCH receives the printing request, it takes the danger data entered and/or calculated in HazEX GHS/CLP (EuSHEET) and the data about the printing batch (barcode, batch number, weight, expiry date etc.) and it finally prints the labels with the printer of choice.

Each activity is constantly monitored by the software, recorded and made available on a file (LOG file) in order to create an archive of information and to have a detailed supervision of the operations that are carried out.

The hazard symbols and pictograms (EC or CLP), the risk phrases (R and H phrases), the safety advices (S or P phrases), the dangerous contents and any additional variable information (information that you know only during printing, such as the weight or the production batch, etc.) will be automatically printed in the selected languages.

With PrBATCH you can print the linear barcodes:


Codici a barre lineari con EuPRINT GHS/CLP

New feature: BARCODE 2D


Barcode 2D - PDF417

Beolink a constant support: maintenance and update, technical and legislative support, training.

RegulatoryMaintenance and update

All our software is always updated with the latest legislative news:

  • REACH Regulation 1907/2006
  • Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP)
  • Regulation 453/2010

Beolink designs solutions to meet the customer needs by providing easy-to-use tools, following the technological developments and with the goal to provide appropriate solutions to the needs of our customers.

Update: Our software update occur on a regular basis, in accordance with the legislative deadlines. In order to provide easily accessible information, Beolink provides its customers with manuals and documentation, training courses and webinars.

Regulatory support

Supporto legislarivoBeolink offers a constant Regulatory support service, updated in collaboration with the top experts in the field and the trade associations.
Thanks to its high-level technical and scientific department Beolink provides a valuable support in the evaluation of toxicological and eco-toxicological data and in the interpretation of the existing regulations governing the labelling and the creation of Safety Data Sheet of chemicals... Visit...

Technical support

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CorsiBeolink offers various training sessions and regulatory analysis for the creation\compilation of Safety Data Sheet. The meetings can take place in various ways:

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